About Us

Our Mission

Keep Kiwi Homes Safe

Our Mission is simple, to Keep Kiwi Homes Safe. This simple yet powerful statement has guided ATS through the meteoric growth that we have experienced over the last few years. From a fledgling startup, to one of New Zealand’s leading property testing companies, coming back to our Mission statement every time there was an important decision to make has helped to keep us true to what we stand for and who we are as a brand. We live and breathe this Mission every day, which is why we are so consistently reviewed as a 5 Star Service by our amazing clients. Why not give us a call today and see if ATS feels like the right fit for your needs.

Our Vision

To Be Recognised As New Zealand’s Largest And Most Trusted Property Testing Company

ATS has been built from the ground. This has meant that we have been able to carefully craft the direction that the company will take. ATS was born as a meth testing company. But since the very beginning we knew where we were heading. ATS has a Vision of becoming New Zealand’s Largest And Most Trusted Property Testing Company. This is not an easy task, but it is a simple one. It takes excellence in two areas – the products that we sell and the customer service that we deliver.

We will achieve this by firstly making every decision with our Mission Statement in mind – Keep Kiwi Homes Safe. In order to achieve this, every inspection that we conduct will be held to the highest possible standards, will meet all regulatory requirements and will be conducted with the client’s best interests in mind.

Secondly, everything that we do must be anchored in the genuine commitment that we have to exceptional customer service. We do what it takes to meet client needs every single time and in those rare occasions that something outside of our control causes our client an issue, we will step up, take ownership and find a solution for our client. This is the reason that we are so consistently reviewed as a 5 Star Service by our amazing clients.

ATS has grown quickly and while this growth has been part of a carefully crafted plan, we have also chosen to start operating in particular areas on the back of client requests. It is the closeness of the relationships that we build and the willingness that we have to work with clients that has seen ATS succeed. This is something that we are really proud of and something that will guide our future growth.

Our Promise

We Will Deliver An Unparalleled Customer Experience Every Single Time That You Deal With Us.

It’s easy for a company to promise the world, but it is in the delivery of this Mission and Vision that the real test lies. While we have pointed you to the Google Reviews that we consistently receive from our clients, it is not until you experience the service that ATS delivers that you will truly understand why working with ATS is an altogether different experience! Give us a call today and find out for yourself what working with a company that is built solely on delivering an customer experience is like.

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